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The Equitable Way

So you already know that Equitable is here to not only meet all of your accounting needs, but also to work closely with you in developing a close working relationship. How does that happen, though, and why does it matter?


Small Operations

Have you ever worked with an accountant that had so many clients that they could hardly remember who you were? Who actually does the hands-on accounting work for your business--your accountant, or some inexperienced staff member that you've never actually met? Both of those problems are typical in the mainstream accounting industry, but it won't happen at Equitable Accounting & Tax Services, PLLC. Equitable is manned by one accountant, Edgar, who sees the whole process through from start to finish. Edgar will be the person to collect the information from you, process it properly, and review the results with you. There is no middleman, and there is no nameless staff member who may or may not get the job done right.

Industry Experience

Not many accountants have real-world experience with the inner workings of small businesses, and even fewer spent most of their younger years growing up in a family business. That level of experience is what is brought to the table with Equitable. The issues that small businesses face every day are very real, and they must be understood for a good accountant-client relationship to foster. Without that, your accountant will always be two steps removed from your business, and you won't work well together.

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